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Bungie has taken to their weekly update to detail the Iron Banner’s return and the tweaks it will be getting, as well as the changes they plan on bringing to Raid rewards, Shaders, and more.

Essentially, Bungie is addressing player complaints one at a time, in hopes of making the game better.

Iron Banner

Iron Banner is set to return on January 30th with Control and some changes. Bungie is adding new engrams for Season 2, as well as new ornaments – which will actually look different this time.

Players will also be able to directly buy any of the Iron Banner armor pieces or three selected weapons with tokens. There is no limit on how many Iron Banner packs players can get.

The rewards are as follows:

  • Hand Cannon
  • Scout Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Ghost
  • Emblem
  • Sparrow
  • Ship

 Masterwork Armor which grants a 3% damage resistance bonus while using a super and stacks for an overall 15% damage reduction with a full set of Masterwork Armor. Players can rework Masterwork Armor into any stat combination players like.

Raid Rewards

Raid rewards will be getting tweaked, in order to satisfy Destiny 2 raiders after raids, instead of leaving them wanting or upset. In order to make raid rewards better for players, Bungie has laid out a plan of action.

Raid armor will have raid perks, which can give you bonuses like “Solar abilities do 25% more damage”, “Recharge your grenade when you activate your Super”, and “Deal 20% extra damage after getting a melee kill”. Raid armor mods will be legendary only and are reusable, but will cost a Calus token to apply.

The Prestige raid will drop both Prestige and Normal items, so there is no need to run the raid again.

For the rest of the raid loot changes, see the bullets below:

  • The loot pool for the raid is now unified so that you can get any weapon/armor piece from any encounter, with one exception.
  • All raid encounters now also have a chance to drop an exotic item, and the exotic is already decrypted so you can start using it immediately.
  • The one exception is a new ghost called “Contender’s Shell”. This ghost only drops from the final encounter of either raid (Calus or Argos), and each time you don’t get it, the chance that you get it the next time increases. It starts with a pretty low chance however. This ghost comes with two abilities.
    • Seeker of Brilliance: Enables the chance for encounters to drop Bright Engrams from their loot pools. Every time one doesn’t drop a Bright Engram, chances increase.
    • Seeker of Opulence: Exotics have a 50% chance to pull from a list of Exotics players haven’t collected yet instead of the standard list.

Bungie noted that these are only the beginning of the raid changes coming.


Bungie explained why Shaders cannot be deleted in stacks. Because Shaders are unique items that generate a unique set of rewards, players could easily see items go missing. The developers are looking for the best way to manage Shaders and are considering exchanging shaders in stacks for things. They also want to bring back Destiny 1 Shader mechanics as well as re-introduce Shader Collections.

Destiny Update 1.1.2 on Tuesday, January 30, 2018

  • Iron Banner will begin as soon as maintenance concludes
  • Prometheus Lens
  • – Flame Refraction perk now generates ammo instead of pulling from reserves
  • – Increased base damage
  • Heroic strike completions now have a greater chance of granting Exotic rewards
  • Mercury challenges are now available during adventures
  • Fixed an issue where Curse of Osiris strikes were not properly granting Clan Engrams when featured as a Nightfall activity
  • Fixed an issue where Challenges were not appearing within Quickplay
  • Increased the dismantle timer for Masterwork Cores
  • Players in social spaces, like the Tower, receive a notification when their Lost and Found at the Postmaster is full
  • Armor Masterworks Rerolling:
    • If you try to rework a masterwork right after reworking one, the progress bar will fill but it won’t be rerolled
    • No cores/items are lost in this bug, you just need to rework it again.

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