With God of War‘s release date coming, rumors will likely appear within the anxious audience. One rumor, particularly, acquired some ground prior to the game’s principal artist, Raf Grassetti, snuffed it. That rumor was of a downgrade in graphics between your 2016 E3 presentation of God of War and also the final product.

Based on Grassetti, this really is wholesale false. The graphics remain identical to the E3 presentation, and just the direction of sunshine and fog have altered. In the event that explanation appears vague, according to him that fans will comprehend the sentiment once they’ve really performed the sport.

“What altered only agreed to be the direction from the light and fog, this bit of E3 is incorporated in the game but different, you’ll learn when you should play”, Grassetti stated on Twitter (Google Translate). “Jormungandr, Kratos and Atreus remain exactly like the trailers, are evaluating along with other scenes and lights.”

The downgrade rumors popped up once the new story trailer was launched a couple of days ago.

In other God of War news, Cory Barlog clarified a barrage of questions about Twitter. One of these he clearly claims that God of War won’t have a Season Pass.

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