Opinion: Mac Defender crashes Apple security myth

Mac Defender is growing to be a bit of a crisis that neither Apple, nor Mac users appear ready for. The Mac adware and spyware has caught the Apple ecosystem unawares and threatens to shatter the truth distortion field that Apple endures.

Apple, and also the Apple faithful want to pretend that Mac adware and spyware does not exist. But, because of some awesome investigative reporting by Erectile dysfunction Bott, Jacqui Cheng, yet others, we all know that AppleCare technicians are seeing a surge of adware and spyware issues, which Apple has particularly directed support technicians to not become involved.

Cheng highlights that there’s a minimum of tacit acceptance by Apple the possibility for adware and spyware exists because Apple really sells multiple adware and spyware protection products. And, although Apple Store reps are quick to indicate the highest security and insufficient adware and spyware concerns around the Mac, internally Apple mandates using Norton adware and spyware protection.

A particular Apple loyalist lately known as me–and a number of respected tech authors–out for getting the audacity to indicate that Mac OS X isn’t invulnerable which the opportunity of Mac adware and spyware is continuously rising. Really, I believe Gruber only agreed to be being lazy on that day because his contribution amounts one word, and all of those other article is simply a copy of other content like mine.


I recieve it. Apple goods are better. They’re magic. They simply work. Except when they are not, plus they don’t. Should you go beyond the smoke and mirrors, you may be disappointed to discover that they are not necessarily that different.

To become fair, To be sure there are fundamental facets of the OS itself which make Mac OS X safer, or harder to take advantage of to some degree. However, I still maintain the real reason why Macs aren’t affected by more adware and spyware would be that the platform represents such minimal share of the market it’s not well worth the effort for adware and spyware developers.

Ultimately, though, safer is really a lengthy, lengthy way from completely secure or invulnerable. But, many believe that Macs are simply secure. Period. Mac users who’ve partaken of this Koolaid and developed some kind of belief that they’re impervious to fight due to utilizing a Mac are learning in droves that reality fails to deliver from the myth.

Adware and spyware isn’t the only concern. Most of the greatest threats online are pretty straight forward phishing attacks and id theft which are platform agnostic and also have nothing related to the safety from the OS. But, the fallacy that Macs are simply secure causes users to become naive about peace of mind in general. The time is right for Mac users to consider from the Apple colored glasses and understand that security is an issue.

Don’t misunderstand me. I love Apple (aside from the abomination known as iTunes). I really like my iPhone and my iPad, and i’m seriously thinking about a MacBook Air. But, I’m not naive enough to think they’re secure automatically. The false feeling of security which comes from believing the Apple hype does users an injustice and leads these to get caught using their proverbial pants lower with regards to the different threats online.


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