GTA V Los Santos versus Real Existence La Comparison Screenshots, Rockstar Games Nailed It With Perfection

Grand Thievery Auto V on Ps 4 and Xbox One was among the best searching current-gen title. The graphics/visuals hanging around were of first class as well as for Los Santos City, Rockstar Games required inspiration from La. A common Spanish Professional photographer shared some comparison screenshots showcasing how Rockstar Games were able to replicate it perfectly.

Grand Theft Auto V

Los Santos: a sprawling sun-drenched metropolis filled with self-help gurus, starlets and fading celebrities, when the envy from the Civilized world, now battling to remain afloat within an era of monetary uncertainty and economical reality TV.

Amongst the turmoil, three completely different crooks plot their very own likelihood of survival and success:

Franklin, a street hustler searching legitimate possibilities and heavy money Michael, an expert ex-disadvantage whose retirement will be a lot less rosy than he wished it might be and Trevor, a violent maniac driven by the risk of an inexpensive high and subsequently big score. Not having enough options, the crew risks all things in a number of daring and harmful heists that may assemble them for existence.

gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-1.jpggta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-2.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-3.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-4.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-6.jpggta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-7.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-5.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-8.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-9.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-10.jpg

gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-11.jpggta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-12.jpggta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-13.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-14.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-15.jpggta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-17.jpg  gta-v-los-santos-vs-los-angeles-comparison-screenshot-16.jpg

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