Google still dominates internet search engine realm

Although Google’s new online privacy policies have proven questionable, that has not stopped the organization from cementing its position as America’s favorite internet search engine.

According the most recent survey in the Pew Internet and American Existence Project, 83% of yankee Online users say they will use Google to look most frequently while just 6% say they will use Yahoo most frequently. Other search engines like google taken into account just 6% of yankee Online users while just 5% reported they did not play one internet search engine more frequently than another.

The findings reveal that Google has dramatically consolidated its position as America’s top internet search engine since 2004, when Pew discovered that 47% of american citizens most frequently used Google for his or her searches, while 26% reported using Yahoo most frequently. Other search engines like google in 2004 taken into account 19%.

Pew also found user satisfaction to become high, as 91% stated they “always or more often than not discover the information they’re seeking” using their searches, while 73% stated that “most or all the details they find because they use search engines like google is accurate and reliable.” Furthermore, 55% say their search engine results have been receiving better with time while just 4% say they have become worse.


But though Bing is dominating the American search market, Pew also discovered that Google’s new online privacy policies are causing some trepidation. For instance, Pew discovered that 65% of users surveyed stated they would “‘t be OK” having a internet search engine utilizing their searches to provide more personalized search engine results. Similarly, 68% stated these were “not okay” with targeted advertising culled from tracking their search engine results.

Google lately caused a stir if this made the decision to consolidate its online privacy policies and share users’ private data across multiple Google services, including Gmail, Search and YouTube. Google has maintained these new policies may benefit users by supplying all of them with more relevant advertising that develops from a broader number of data on the given user’s Internet behavior. Google insists that it’s not selling users’ data to outdoors parties and states that users can invariably sign from their Google accounts when they do not want their searches tracked and employed for personalized advertising.

The alterations to Google’s online privacy policies, which required impact on March 1, sparked concern among 36 condition Attorneys General who authored instructions to Google Chief executive officer Ray Page asking him to deal with the possibility elevated chance of id theft that users might be exposed to underneath the new policies. Particularly, the AGs claimed that Google’s new policy of consolidating users’ data profiles across multiple services for example Gmail, YouTube and Google might make it simpler for online hackers to achieve users’ private information and also to steal their identity.


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