Moonlight Online: Almost Here!?

IGG’s massive 3D Mmog makes its debut up with its traditional Chinese version released on Facebook. Presently, they is focusing on the British translation for that game, so gamers can expect towards the British form of Moonlight Online soon. IGG can also be going to see Moonlight Online obtainable in many languages worldwide later on.

As gamers enter Moonlight Online, they can decide on 3 races, humans, werewolves not to mention, vampires. You will find 3 classes in every race. With various backgrounds and terrains, each race features its own distinct traits and different strengths. Within this harsh and unforgiving supernatural world, the ability struggles one of the a trio of races are as eternal his or her legacies. Their adventures may mean the main difference between survival and extinction for his or her race. The tales of Moonlight Online brings them via a journey of discovery, analysis, mediation and lastly thought.

Within the world of Moonlight Online, a warrior’s weapon is their finest ally. Every weapon includes a soul that may be awakened through the Soul Cleric. When a weapon’s soul is stirred, it’ll grow and its owner, lending its spirit forces towards the character. Once the user kills a monster they’ll naturally earn experience and get loot drops, however their soul-awakened weapon may also take something in the fight, drawing upon the creature’s spirit forces. With the aid of the Soul Cleric, these mysterious spirit forces stored deep inside a weapon could be harnessed to allow a personality amazing stat boosts and additional skills. Additionally, a soul could be transferred right into a new weapon when it’s time. Weapon souls are eternal, whether or not the forms they inhabit aren’t. An awakened weapon soul could be transferred in one weapon to a different, including its stats and skills.

Aside from the epic storyline in Moonlight Online, there’s an array of regular in-game occasions which will amaze and tantalize. Gamers can party as much as complete them and acquire awesome treasures together. Fascinating occasions like the bubbling Traster Wishing Fountain that provides wonderful rewards are available peppered through the game, so players can tell that you will see no dull moment in the realm of Moonlight Online.

The British preview page expires now at


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  1. Hoppie00
    January 22, 2018 at 9:31 am Reply

    I really don’t want to see/read any more about this game so I go into it completely blank but it’s so intriguing I can’t help myself…

  2. Itsthesamething
    January 22, 2018 at 9:31 am Reply

    almost every other mmorpg i played is always fun at the endgame but it also depends if the progression to that end game is tolerable and in this one is just soooooo limited and so much restraint, and hard to even find it fun at all(well for me at least). If you find this tolerable than good for you, its no good to people like me.

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