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News wrap: Lion, iOS, and also the Mac — my dear!

Hear that seem? That’s the seem of autumn’s unceasing approach. Should you spent much of history week enjoying summery weather before fall’s inevitable arrival, we can’t say we blame you. So we won’t hold a grudge should you missed a slew of important and exciting Macworld tales correctly. Rather, we’ll educate you on all of the good articles that you simply missed.

The Lion Factor

Although we’ve very nearly exhausted our way to obtain headline-worthy Lion puns, that hasn’t stopped us from covering Mac OS X 10.7 in great detail. If you would like to exhibit Lion who’s king of the Mac jungle, we will help you tame Lion’s Mail and seize control of Mission Control. If, however, you’re still searching emigrate some files from your older Leopard Mac, you do not always require a CAT-5 cable, but you’ll certainly want to look at Apple’s Migration Assistant update for Leopard users.

If you are concerned about a possible crash next time your Lion installation roars to some halt, you’ll want to look at Apple’s freshly-released Lion Recovery Disk Assistant. Dan Frakes, who’s installed Lion a minimum of as much as Jobs has uttered the term “boom,” went hands-up with the brand new assistant, which helps you to turn a USB stick right into a Lion book disk.


While our passion for Lion knows couple of bounds, we stil created a couple of enhancements we’d want to see. Steve, you can give us a call if you want further elaboration on individuals issues. Meanwhile, Ted Landau found a couple of more Lion compatibility issues.

We owe you iOS

With regards to ipad cases, contributor Marco Tabini is definitely around the situation. Er, cases. He writes up an every week roundup of ipad cases every week, after which I write an every week round-from all of our greatest tales every week, and when we stop, it’s worse than if Desmond doesn’t push the button.

We reviewed a slew of iOS apps:

? Photogram, making photo postcards, scored our stamp of approval, ? Smail Stencil, to save frequently sent messages, lacks much SMS finesse, ? Zombie Gunship, a game title centered on killing the undead, would be to re-die for, ? Ticket to Ride, an engrossing, train-focused game, may be worth choo-choo-selecting, and ? Alarmed, a timer, indication, and noisy alarms application, is fairly beeping impressive.

Obviously, now there’s more towards the iOS ecosphere than true native apps. Earlier this week, Vudu unveiled a brand new iPad enhanced Web application, and Amazon . com required the wraps off its new Kindle Cloud Readers. Jason Snell went hands-up with the net-based Kindle application, and that he loved it, but he is not prepared to split up using the native Kindle application at this time. This writer spent a while (along with a couple 1000 words) ruminating on precisely what this slow, steady march of iOS-enhanced Web apps really means.

We authored up an iOS copy-and-paste tutorial for novices, the brand new Tweet Marker support in Twitterrific, Facebook’s new Messenger application for iPhone, and Boxee’s new iPad application. Elsewhere, contributor Joel Mathis reported around the iOS-integrated myTrek exercise monitor from Scosche, though in reality, he spent the majority of his time working out precisely how precisely you spell “Scosche.”

Intern-switched-staff-editor Alexandra Chang reviewed the Olloclip three-in-one camera lens for iPhone, as well as ended my streak because the sole person in the Macworld editorial team by having an “x”-bearing name.

To the Mac

You do not even have to bid money for eBay’s new desktop application it’s obtainable in the Mac Application Store free of charge. We reviewed the iOS-inspired Sparrow email client, the HTML5-creation tool Hype, and task-keeper Todo.

Apple unveiled a brand new, $999 education-only imac desktop, but Chris Breen states it’s an excessive amount of, far too late. Chris also explains what the heck an OS X stationery pad is, and the way to limit your kids’ Access to the internet. Watch out for Chris’s series in a few days on “How to obtain kids off your darn lawn.”

Tranquility Caldwell flows one out for that soon-to-be-shuttered Walmart digital music streaming service. Therefore if you’re among the seven people switching from Walmart to iTunes-or among the countless people that already use iTunes-here’s Kirk McElhearn’s piece regarding how to support your iTunes media files. If you’d rather help make your own type of music, observe that Apple released updates for Logic and Logic Express earlier this week.

Movie fans too should consider embracing iTunes, since DVD-streaming service Zediva has shut lower after a little legal wrangling. Talking about legal wrangling, let Dan Moren get you Underneath the Gavel for an additional edition in our intermittent roundups of Apple-related court matters.

And when you’d rather write your personal roundup in our tales, we recommend that you simply a minimum of achieve this in plain text, and if you wish to print it, consider one of these simple new Mac-friendly printers. Then mail it in my experience and grant me permission to pass through them back as next week’s Weekly Wrap.

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