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iChat to get collaborative working tool?

The next form of iChat may introduce additional features that considerably raise the ability for users to collaborate on projects.

A current European Patent Office filing describes the brand new features, that have been likened in certain reports for an “interactive white board”.

The patent is referred to as a: “Method and apparatus for creating communication between two teleconferencing endpoints”.

The patent description appears to explain technologies which permit iChat users to talk about a typical active window, which each side can manipulate and share. It can contain different media types, including sounds, video, still images, text documents or spreadsheets.

“Such applications sometimes likewise incorporate data discussing where various data, for example documents, spreadsheets, graphic data, or other kinds of data, could be shared and manipulated by all participants within the teleconference,” the patent explains.

The patent description also appears to put some ground to make iChat more able to contacting other instant-messaging solutions. Area of the patent describes a way iChat can determine the abilities from the computers involved with each side from the chat.

“Different teleconference applications, possibly residing on several hardware platforms, have different abilities,” it states, describing this diversity as creating “challenging” for such solutions.

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