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New Overwatch digital comic targets vigilante Jesse McCree

Blizzard continues to be going full-scale to advertise its approaching team shooter Overwatch. The aim would be to give players an earlier glimpse in the backstories from the figures. We have met Winston, and lately got more information on Widowmaker and Tracer. Now we’re getting a glance at vigilante Jesse McCree via a just released digital web comic, titled Train Hopper.

The comic, produced by Blizzard’s Robert Brooks and highlighted by French comic artist Bengal, follows McCree because he requires a hypertrain to Houston. It might be an entirely boring comic if nothing happened on the way, so let us just say there’s some gunplay, witting dialogue and couple of passengers that do not reach Houston.

Discover acquainted with the type, McCree is really a former theif gunslinger who chooses to get results for Blackwatch rather of likely to prison. He drops from Overwatch when things lose their freshness for that program to become a gun services, however this time only dealing with just causes. He carris a Peacekeeper pistol, uses stun grenades, with his special ability, can shoot everybody is his type of vision simply by going for a couple of extra seconds to aim.

Overwatch has already established a couple of closed beta weekends, but ought to be hitting open beta at the begining of May before its commercial release on May 24 for PC, Xbox One and PS4. So if you’re playing the beta, be considered a good sport. Blizzard does not like whiny crybaby quitters.


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