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Understanding iTunes 11’s Up Next player

Among the marquee options that come with iTunes 11 expires Next, a different way to queue up songs for the listening sessions. Significantly not the same as iTunes DJ, which this selection replaces, it’s really a bit complex. Here’s a glance at ways to get the most from Up Next.

How do you use it?

The very first factor you should know about Up Next is the fact that it certainly is on–and you’ll add songs into it without realizing it. For instance, should you begin to play a playlist by clicking the arrow button alongside its name, when it is displayed in iTunes, the Up Next queue will get filled with the songs that playlist contains. This is also true should you begin to play an album by clicking the arrow button alongside its name in, say, Albums view or Artists view.

However in this situation, Up Next is just adding the songs within the selected album or playlist, and that is not in which the feature becomes helpful. Why is Up Next a effective feature is being able to queue up songs from various playlists or albums.


You are able to edit your Up Next queue in the menu that displays whenever you click the Up Next icon.

You are able to obvious the whole queue by clicking Obvious, and you may also obvious the presently playing song by clicking Obvious again. And find out that clock icon? Click that to determine what you’ve performed lately after that you can add any songs you need to hear again towards the Up Next queue by hovering, clicking the > icon, and taking advantage of the instructions described above within the pop-up menu. (And you may access the other instructions for the reason that menu too, for example rating songs, adding these to playlists, viewing them within the iTunes Store, and so forth.) Click on the clock icon again to go back to the Up Next queue.

Such a long time, DJ

Up Next is really a valuable feature if you want to setup a queue of music to hear. It lacks the power that iTunes DJ needed to choose songs randomly out of your music library, or from the selected playlist, and a few iTunes users miss this selection. But check out Up Next and find out the way it fits together with your listening you might find that you want how you can pick what music you’ll pay attention to and the best way to easily manage their email list.

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