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Nintendo NX utilization of cartridges hinted at by US Trademark System

There’s still a great deal we don’t know of the Nintendo NX, for example what it’ll seem like and what sort of experience Nintendo intentions of delivering to gamers once it’s released. One rumor for that Nintendo NX that is constantly on the appear is its likely utilization of physical media, however nowadays, individuals rumor flames happen to be fanned once more.

NeoGAF member Atheerios found some interesting documents while browsing the united states trademark system. Trademarks for Wii U and 3DS games make reference to game dvds and cartridges, correspondingly, however when browsing The Legend of Zelda: Breath from the Wild’s listing, something interesting sprang up. Both “video game discs” and “video game cartridges” display in the Good and Services portion of the filing.

We all know Nintendo will release both a Wii U and NX form of the sport simultaneously. Basically we be aware of Wii U is really a disc-based console, this leads us to think there might be some authenticity to previous rumors from the NX using physical media, like a game cartridge.

Thinking about trademark listings for that Wii U and 3DS make reference to their media type, seeing Breath from the Wild’s trademark list both a game title disc and game cartridge shouldn’t be described as a mistake on Nintendo’s part.

As of this moment, Nintendo has yet to reveal much concerning the Nintendo NX. Hopefully we’ll learn more concerning the approaching console soon, and when it’ll go back to using game cartridges.

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    I want to play Skyforge because i love that genre of Games, I played Terra for an year, RaiderZ and Vindictus for half a Year
    It would be great to get one

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