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BRAINS: Dead Island MOBA Not Far Off?

A Defunct Island MOBA? I can’t help but believe that writer Deep Silver just fired off a set of darts in the “Current Gaming Trends” dartboard when generating the 3rd game within the Dead Island series. We’ve certainly had our share of MOBAs and zombie games recently. I guess it had been only dependent on time prior to the two joined together making some kind of unnecessary love child.

The sport, titled Dead Island: Epidemic, is a free-to-play MOBA pitting three teams against one another while fighting to outlive the zombie onslaught. Deep Silver assures us the sport will remain in keeping with the Dead Island franchise’s elements, even talking about the sport like a ZOMBA, or Zombie Online Multi-player Fight Arena. Fitting because it incites the type of instinctive guttural zombie groan you might now expect from another MOBA announcement.

Not sure on whether Techland -the developers from the previous two Dead Island titles- is going to be coming back towards the helm for Epidemic. Deep Silver intentions of releasing more information concerning the MOBA later this month at Gamescom.

Thanks Polygon.


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