Rockstar Website’s Code Hints Reveal Of Red Dead Redemption 2 and RDR Remastered At E3 2016

Based on a Reddit user, Rockstar Games’ web site is hiding something Red Dead Redemption-related. According to this tip, which i will be reporting in the whole because of the complex terms and ideas expressed with this user, there might be a Red Dead Redemption Remaster for PC or perhaps a new Red Dead Redemption game in route.

Red Dead Redemption

“Rockstar’s games list page associated with two 404ed game pages that match the amount format to point out 2 RDR titles. The page got updated therefore it is not there any longer, however i got one screenshot,” Gaudynights stated on Reddit.

E3 2016 may be the right occasion for 2K Games to provide some surprises associated with the home, although Rockstar Games was already stated it will not introduce blog inside a couple years. So your personal computer remaster might make sense. Your ideas?

Consider the list below after which Gaudynights’ comments:

“You’ll notice that the only games that don’t follow the sequential numbering format are the last 2 Rockstar games released: GTAV (listed as 241 – GTAIII is 24) and RDR Undead Nightmare (listed as 111 – RDR is 1). If we assume that the page and numbering system were established in 2010, after LA Noire had already been announced but before RDR:UN was announced, then you could assume that any game with an announcement date from RDR:UN and after might break this number format and establish a new format of the original game number with an additional digit appended. (Why is Max Payne 3’s number not in this format if it came out in 2012? I’m talking about announce dates. That game was announced in 2009.) (Why is GTA V’s number a riff on GTA III’s number and not GTA IV’s? I dunno. The theory isn’t perfect, but stick with me)

The neat thing happened when I noticed the Developer Tool’s notification of an error on the page. When I clicked to find out more, I got these two errors:
Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) –  Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found) –

Meaning something on the page was directing to two game pages that don’t yet exist. Games 11 and 112. Remember that RDR is game 1 and RDR:UN is game 111. So there are two game pages linked that follow the number format to mean they are associated with RDR. When you try to visit those pages they 404, like the error says, but the fact that the error exists means there is code on the games list set up to direct to them when they do exist. My guesses would be maybe the new RDR game and a remaster of RDR?”

  • Source: Reddit


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