Age of Wonders 3 Announced for 2013


Age of Wonders 3 is finally coming, and it may have some surprises up its sleeve.

The Age of Wonders series is finally coming back after a 10-year hiatus. Triumph Studios is taking the reigns reviving the classic turn-based strategy series, and it just may have some surprises in store.

Eurogamer spoke with Triumph’s lead designer Lennart Sas to get some more information on the surprise announcement. Triumph and Epic Games co-created the original game back in 1999, and it’s natural to wonder whether Epic will be involved in Age of Wonders 3.

Triumph Studios went on to work on the Overlord series post-Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, while Epic Games has been slightly more active. Looking at the budget that this new AoW titles has, it seems Epic may be involved this time around as well.

Epic and Triumph back together?

Speaking with Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese, Lennart almost spills the beans on who their big partner in development is. In response to the question on whether or not Epic was involved based on the evidence provided, Lennart’s response is a bit telling:

“You’ve been reading up! That’s something for a later moment.”

Looking at the features and screenshots featured on the official site, this does look to be a larger budget venture than Triumph would be able to handle themselves. The concept of the two studios coming back together to work on a new turn-based strategy title is exciting news for anyone hungry for new content in the genre.

As the official site states, Age of Wonders 3 is slated for an Autumn 2013 release. Whether its release fits within that window or comes a little bit later, this news is more than welcome. We’ll find out who exactly Triumph’s big partner is in a future announcement — until then, cross your fingers for Epic to be involved. A bit of the old days in some modern-day development is almost never a bad thing.

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