Bioware: No Lifetime Subscription for Star Wars: The Old Republic

Bioware in sweet and simple terms announced that most likely there won’t be a lifetime subscription option for Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Stephen Reid, the Senior Community Manager for Star Wars: The Old Republic, on his persona Twitter account confirmed the new. Check out below what he exactly said, “We’re not planning on offering a lifetime subscription option.”

Star Wars: The Old Republic logo

Star Wars: The Old Republic is schedule to launch on December 20 in NA, and on December 22 in Europe. You can check out the complete subcription details for the game HERE.

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  1. BlueRift
    July 22, 2017 at 9:31 am Reply

    Duelyst is already a strategy-Hearthstone. It might be too close to hearthstone (the deck mechanics) to scratch the itch for grand strategy fa1, which is what this looks like it’s aimed at.nAlso, the scree1hots already included look way more complicated than anything a casual non-strategy gamer would co1ider as entry-level. With just what I see here, I’d say advance wa1 is more of a candidate for bringing people into the genre. Maybe this is intended to be the next step?

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