Microsoft Azure Currently Suffering From WideSpread Outage, Few Xbox Live Services On X360/Xbox One Are Affected

Microsoft Azure is currently suffering from a widespread outage issue and because of this some Xbox Live services are also affected, Microsoft has officially confirmed it via Xbox Live Status Page. The affected platforms due to this Azure outage are “Xbox One and Xbox 360”.

Xbox Live Down

Xbox Live subscribers on Xbox One/Xbox 360 are finding it difficult: “Accessing or retrieving data stored using cloud storage, Joining other Xbox Live members in online games, Managing friends lists and tracking what friends are doing, Sending text messages to other Xbox Live members, Unlocking and Viewing Achievements”

Our sources at Microsoft states that: “Azure is having connectivity issues on storage and websites across all regions except: Japan West, Brazil South, Australian East, and Australian Southeast. This means the thousands of companies that depend on these services are likely facing an outage, not just Xbox Live.”

Microsoft have already started working on these issue, we will let you know via this post as soon as we get to hear any new Update from Microsoft. So Stay tuned.

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