Beornings and Battles: LOTRO Bears Down With Update 15 


“Update 15 is getting close,” says The Lord of the Rings Online Executive Producer Aaron “Rowan” Campbell in the October developer letter. Now, is that actually “close” or “close (TM)”? #closeisthenewsoon

Regardless of when it arrives, Update 15 should come roaring in, led by the beornings, LOTRO’s first new class since the Mines of Moria expansion introduced the warden and rune-keeper, way back in 2008. Skin-changers, the beornings will be able to transform into mighty bears when they gather enough Wrath, and will begin their adventuring careers in a new starting location, the Vales of Anduin.

Also coming in the update are new areas in central Gondor and a new epic battle in the city of Pelargir, which sees the players taking the offensive, wreaking havoc in advance of Aragorn’s taking of the city with the Army of the Dead. A few of 2015’s updates were also mentioned, including the cities of Osgiliath and Minas Tirith, as well as a note explaining that the revamp of the legendary item system — originally slated for 2014 — would be pushed back to next year, on or before LOTRO’s eight anniversary in April.

If you’re playing LOTRO, are you planning to make a beorning? Or will you hop back in to try the class out? As a long-time player who recently stopped playing, it’s tempting, but I’d like to see it in action first!

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