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WildStar: Esper Dev Speak | WildStar


Esper Dev Speak contains unicorns, migraines, and monitor turn offs? Oh my!

First of all, this video is pretty funny. From what I’ve heard, most of the Dev Speak videos are like this. 

The Esper is, I guess you could say, a mage type. Using illusions, the Esper can DPS or heal allies. As far as gear, the Esper can equip light armor and a psi-blade. Psi-blades are controlled by the Esper’s mind, and multiple copies can be manifested. It’s a pretty cool weapon that fits the Esper mechanics nicely.

This Esper is readying for attack!

The Dev Speak shows off several different Esper skills. We see a lot of the Esper’s CC ability showcased. I’d imagine you wouldn’t want to come up against an Esper in PvP. We also see several DPS abilities, although no real details are given on them. There was at least one heal shown. Displace seems pretty useful too, depending on cooldown and timing.

Is that a rainbow I see? Must be Rainbowdash!

All in all, if I decide to play WildStar, I’m leaning towards Esper. Make sure you watch the video. Remember Winter Beta is coming.

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  1. jwhite491
    August 30, 2013 at 9:31 am Reply

    I’m a Nu1e by trade, and a long time PC Gamer at heart. We use video games on our Pediatrics unit at the hospital where I’m employed to provide an escape for young ones battling illness. The ability of games to tra1port a pe1on away from the helplessness of disease is magic. It provides an outlet into a problem that the child can solve, rather than keeping them paralyzed by their adve1e situation. If only those who would detract and condemn the art that is video games could see more stories like this one…

  2. hunted.
    September 1, 2013 at 9:31 am Reply

    Doesn&1quo;t mean they can&1quo;t include the camera in a bundle. In fact that&1quo;s the kind of bundle I was hoping for.

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