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Tom Clancy’s The Division Dragon’s Nest’s Heroic Difficulty Delayed Without Any Explanation

The Division underwent today an important maintenance, where Massive Entertainment and Ubisoft’s efforts were basically conveyed upon getting rid of those annoying glitches allowing people to exploit Underground’s new Incursion, Dragon’s Nest.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Today, the developer was also supposed to introduce the Heroic Mode for this new Incursion but eventually decided to postpone its release, without providing any explanation although citing the lack of updates on that front in the latest changelog.

The changelog states indeed “Heroic Difficulty for Dragon’s Nest will not be available today”, without adding anything to that paragraph. A similar delay happened with Incursion Clear Sky’s Challenging Mode, which was released around a week later than expected. The positive note, it seems based on that experience, is the wait for the Heroic difficulty won’t be that long.

Underground is the first paid expansion for The Division and adds, among other stuff, a new Incursion and another social hub under the operative base. It’s available for PC and Xbox One, and will ship for PS4 on August 2.

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